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Southern Louisiana is an eclectic mix of many different cultures, including American Indian, African, English, French, Italian, intense, mesmerizing flavor in our country's enormous melting pot.  Only in our case,  the water has come  from the mighty Mississippi River. The heat has been carefully applied from the Delta sun, and the spices are specially made and sold in the New Orleans French Market. 

Regardless if you are visiting Lake Charles, Lafayette, or New Orleans, you are guaranteed to be forever changed by our cuisine, people, and hospitality.  It is like no other place on earth.

If you don't bleed purple, green, and gold after you leave here, you just haven't "made enough groceries," eaten at a "Cuchon d'Lait" (pig roasting), tasted a "beignet" (donut without holes) or drank a cup of "cafe au lait" (coffee w/chicory and milk).  But most importantly you haven't lived.  So without any further hesitation, "Laissez les bons temps rouler" or as everyone else in the world says, "Let the good times roll."

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Louisiana Photo Galleries

Louisiana is best known for its flavorful and rich foods, but if you have every visited here you will know that this is perhaps one of the most scenic places on earth.  Follow me on a pictorial journey as I take you through the nooks and crannies of South Louisiana.

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Louisiana Heroes

These are the people that make Louisiana great.  They come from all walks of life, but despite their diversity, they all share one major trait in common.  They are all true visionaries.  Meet each one of these people and enjoy a view of Louisiana from their eyes.  

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Louisiana Destinations

This is a page of my favorite places to visit.  If you have an extra day or an extra few hours do yourself a favor and take in a some breathtaking sights.

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Louisiana Soundscapes

This is a work in progress of the different sounds that make up our world.   With our images, it will hopefully give you a multi sensory experience .

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Online Cajun Cookbook

Follow the link below to a wonderful world full of smells and tastes.  Try a couple of recipes.  After you do, you will learn that the secret to good Cajun cooking is not the ingredients, but the love and care that goes into every pot. 

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