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Without question, Louisiana means many things to many people.  For some its a sportsmen's paradise.  Yet, for others it is the best eating on the planet.  Of course, all is true.  However, what we really are is a gumbo.  We are a special, unique mix all kinds of flavors that combine into a people who truly know how to enjoy life.  Below are a few snapshots that show some of the ingredients in our magical "gumbo".  I hope you enjoy!!! 

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(All images are copyrighted.  George Payne Copyright 2002)


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White Alligator

Sunrise over Bayou LaCombe

Mardi Gras Performers

Chef Pass Lighthouse

Noble Clown

Duckhunting on the Bayou

It's Carnival Time; Float in Tuck's Parade

Shooting in the Swamps

Audubon Aquarium of America's

Window of Lighthouse over Lake Ponchatrain

Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras Indian

Cajun Cabin

Mardi Gras @ 2:00 am on Bourbon Street

Old New Orleans Establishment

Bayou's Edge in Pearl River Swamp

beignet and cafe au lait

Metairie Icon

Fishing at Sunrise

Night Parade at Mardi Gras

Royal Street in French Quarter

Shrimp Boat at Harbor

Swamp Scene at daybreak

Sunrise over Madisonville

St. Louis Cathedral at New Orleans; Jackson Square


Louisiana Irises in Bloom

Protestor during Mardi Gras

Blind River Chapel

Fishing in Marsh

Battle of New Orleans; Chalmette Battlefield Memorial

Cross over Bayou

This is Where we Buy our Seafood

Shrimping at Grand Isle

Shrimping offshore 50 Miles

Shrimp Boats on the Bayou

A Day's Catch

Slow Down!

Sunset over Lake Ponchatrain

Cannon from Battle of New Orleans

Wooden Boat Festival

Road Through Honey Island Swamp; Peral River Basin, just North of Slidell

Oyster Boat Passing Through Mouth of Mississippi River Gulf Outlet

Civil War Grave Yard at Chalmette Battlefield

Shimping in Gulf Outlet

Swamp Abstract

Mississippi River at Algiers

Mississippi River Bridge at New Orleans

Steam Boat Natchez

Street Car along St. Charles