Louisiana Flora and Fauna

Next to Alaska, Louisiana is probably the wildest state in the Union.  Below are a few images.  We are working to add more images.  Thanks for your patience. 

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(All images are copyrighted.  Please do not use without permission.  George Payne 2001)

Unknown, photographed along a road side

Arrow Head Flower, Grows in Swamp, Please be careful as this is large image

Eastern Swallowtail

Barrier Island Ecosystem -- Wide View


Louisiana Iris

New Born Monarch, Just minutes old


Unknown at this time

Louisiana Long Leaf Pine

Bark of Long Leaf Pine Tree

Swamp during Winter; Cypress Tree Line

Trumpet Creeper; Large File

Louisiana Black Bear

Tree Top of Honey Locust

Description of Honey Locust

Throns on Side of Honey Locust Tree

Cypress Tree Explanation

Young Cypress Tree

Grove of Palmettos

Sea Turtle

Red Eared Turtle