Chalmette Battlefield -- The Battle of New Orleans

by:  George Payne 

Images and Story Copyrighted 2004


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A View over a Cannon onto the Battlefied. American Side

Battlefield with Chalmette Refinery in the Distance

The Battle Field Memorial

Classic View of the Field

The Chalmette Battlefield Federal Cemetary

A view of Mississippi River, Image taken from top of Monument

Another Image of River from inside top of Monument

The survey Marker inside top of Monument

A Planation Home built after the War of 1812 on Battlefield

View inside home

Another View inside home

The skirmish fought on the Chalmette Battle Field, site of the last major battle in the War of 1812, declared victory for the American colonies and forced the British troops to return defeated to England.

Most of us think of the Revolutionary War of 1776 as the War of American Independence, but for many of us the War of 1812 was the true War of American Independence.  Britain felt that the American Colonies would fail if left to their own devices.  So why would they want to wage a long and protracted battle against an opponent who would ultimately surrender.  Thus, they left America alone to fail all in good time.  Of course, as we all know the colonies didn't fail.  They succeeded and actually built a strong government.  After waiting the thirty years, and seeing that America was going to stand alone, Britain devoted significant troops and resources to bring us back under the English Flag. 

Ultimately, our fate as a nation was decided on this battlefield, just a few miles east of New Orleans.  The battle was for control of the Mississippi River.  In military terms, whoever controls the major waterways of a country controls the final fate of the war. 

Despite being fought after a truce had been declared with England, this battle sealed our future.  If England would have won, then the British military would have probably picked up arms once again, but instead victory was ours and it sealed our fate as a sovereign nation. 

So if you haven't been, take some time and go visit the Chalmette Battle Field.  Overlook, the field of battle.  Imagine the cries of war and pain, and realize that right here on this very spot, our future as a country and a nation was sealed.