2005 Krewe of Tucks

King Brent Wallis and Queen Betsy Barnes



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The Krewe of Tucks has once again proven that it selects only the finest Kings and Queens.  Without question, 2005ís King Brent Wallis and Queen Betsy Barnes are two individuals who redefine the standards by which we judge Royalty.   

King Brent with his casual disposition and boyish good looks bears his crown with tremendous humility and benevolence.  It is already obvious that King Brentís rein will be awe-inspiring. 

Queen Betsy, with her heart warming smile and classic beauty, is the paradigm of royalty.   As with all good Queens, Betsy has the special gift of making every person feel important and appreciated.  When you talk to Betsy it is though you feel you are the only person in the room.  

When Brent and Betsy were crowned King and Queen at the Tuckís Ball for a few moments it was as though time stopped in honor of their coronation.  The crowd erupted into enthusiastic applause.   In this spirit, I would like to present to you the 2005 King and Queen of Tucks.  Please join with me in welcoming King Brent and Queen Betsy.  May their reign be joyous and may their subjects prosper. 



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