Louisiana in Black and White





Copyrighted 2005.  All Rights Reserved.  George Payne

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Louisiana  is a place full of beauty and wonder.  As a continued part of Cajun Images' mission of documenting our great state, I have built a gallery based on the traditional medium of black and white photography. 

Color, although a wonderful illustrator, can sometimes distract the viewer from truly seeing the soul of a subject. Black and white, on the other hand, is simple.  It shows lines and textures  in their most pure form.  Below are a few of my favorite images. I hope you will enjoy!



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All Rights Reserved.  (c) George Payne 2005


Roman Candy

Japanese Magnolia

Angel on Fence Post in French Quarter

Path on the side of the Mississippi River

View of Lake Ponchartrain

Cajun Cabin

Black and White Study

Child Walking in Park

Cajun Cabin

Crab Traps

Head On Shot from Mississippi River

Morning Glory

New Orleans Board of Trade

Courtyard in French Quarter

New Orleans Board of Trade

Lighthouse on Lake Ponchartrain

View of Lake Ponchatrain from West End

Fence in French Quarter

Float on Crab Trap

New Orleans Street Sign

LaBranche Swamp