Mississippi River at Gulf Outlet



Mississippi River at

New Orleans


The Mississippi River

"Too thick to drink and too thin to plow.


by:  George Payne 

All Rights Reserved 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005



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Please Note Images are Below Introduction

The Mississippi begins as a small stream just 180 miles north of Minneapolis, Minn.  At its narrowest point, it can be walked across on a simple foot bridge and is no more than 18 inches deep.  By the time, it reaches the Gulf of Mexico, 35 miles South of New Orleans, it  is over two miles wide in and has holes deeper than 300 to 400 feet.  It has crossed though the heart of our country, and has many untold stories resting safely between its banks. 

As part of the mission of Cajun Images, I intend to photograph the river's journey from beginning to end.  It will probably take me years to accomplish this task, but below is my beginning.  I will try to add more images and facts as my time and travels allow. 


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River Boat at Sunset

Oyster Boat at Mouth of Mississippi River Gulf Outlet

Cargo Ship at Anchor

Image of Mississippi River at New Orleans at Night

Algiers Point, Louisiana

Bridge Crossing Mississippi River at New Orleans

Image of Steam Boat Natchez

Above Ground Cemetary at Violet, Louisiana on East Bank of River

Chalmette Plantation Home, over looking Mississippi River

Battle of New Orleans Monument; On East Bank at Chalmette

A View of River at Chalmette, Louisiana

A View from Above

Shot from foot of Audubon Park In New Orleans

Ship Heading South on River in Metairie, Louisiana

One of New Orleans' Finest Hole In Wall Resturant -- River Shack

Image taken from Mississippi River Levee

Loaded Ship Heading Back out to Sea

Huey P. Long Bridge Just North of New Orleans

Trumpet Creeper -- Taken in Spoil Area

River Tug Boat

Mississippi River Bridges at Memphis

Huey P. Long Bridge




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